Custom Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice 31" Inch Figure JAKKS Pacific Repaint

1/2 Scale BATMAN

31" Inch Jakks Pacific

"Battle Damaged"

from Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice movie!


Please Read this description carefully! This is a custom item so there is much to discuss in details.

Firstly, this item is absolutely superb in paint work, the pictures do not do it justice! I can provide more pictures if interested all you have to do is ask! This item was purchased in person so I can assure the quality of the item personally. It has been carefully taken apart for modification for the cape and repainting. It has been fully repainted using available movie stills and trailer shots. This thing is absolutely immaculate!

This is the "Battle Damaged" Version that was created. I was going to keep in my personal collection, but decided to go with a smaller scale. Bats is a HUGE piece! Has been modified heavily and painted to look more battle damaged & resemble Batman towards the end of the film. (Fight between the Trinity & Doomsday) Scrapes and cuts added to areas around the suit. ( See attached photos ). Around the knees, elbows, torso, shoulders and gloves/gauntlets been modified with scuffs and scrapes as well! The painting is very reflective of the battle damage with various browns, grays, and black washes done.

JLeeR - Spent
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