Custom battle ready LED lightsaber with any color led

Custom battle ready LED lightsaber with any color led

The Stoics Blade

A saberforge original lightsaber replica


Featuring a hilt CNC machined from a solid piece of quarter inch T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The polished handle and emmiter are accented by stylish black highlights. This saber is a beautiful piece to display, but it was designed to be dueled with. Because it is a one piece design it can take an increadable amount of punishment. Included with the saber is a 1in polycarbonate blade with 1/8 walls, twice the thickness that parks and ultrasabers use in their blades. Also, my blades diffuse the light on the exterior, so that you avoid the unsightly "light in a tube" effect. The effect of the external diffusing is a bright central beam that runs up the center of the blade that kindles recolections of the movies and comic books.

Don't settle for a carbon copy of everyone elses saber, or an ugly featurless tube. Get yourself a genuine saberforge saber today.

This hilt comes installed with an LED in the color of your choice. I use the brightest leds made. For green I use a Seoul P4, for white blue and royal blue I use a Cree XRE and for red red orange and cyan I use a luxeon III.

Color choices are

Blue, Green, White, Royal blue, Cyan, Red, Red orange
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