Custom Blythe doll

Up for auction is Custom Factory Blythe doll. Please carefully go through below description and photos to make your judgment prior to your purchase. I will try to describe the doll to the best of my knowledge.

To tell you honestly about the factory Blythe doll – she is not an official release as she is made up of many different parts. The source of parts used to make the doll is mysterious. They are most often said to be left-over parts, parts that did not pass TAKARA’s quality standard, prototypes that eventually got discarded, parts made on the side etc. Some people would consider the factory doll a counterfeit and some would argue that she is a TAKARA doll with slight inferior quality that did not pass quality checking standard at the factory. Regardless of what she is, she is cute for playing with and a great fun for taking photographs.

- The back of her head reads Blythe TM, 2006 Hasbro, Inc. CWC TOMY China.

- The back of her body reads Blythe TM, 2002 Hasbro, Inc. CWC TAKARA China

- She has three screws at the back of her face plate.

- She is in like new condition and is almost perfect as far as I can see. She has no scratches nor stains on her body. She has perfect scalp swap.

- Her face plates, torso and legs have the same skin tone color. Her arms and pelvis are slightly
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