This Buck 110 has the silver nickel liners and bolsters. I recently got the opportunity to buy some Jewelry grade apple green Nephrite Jade from British Colombia. It is from Boulder Creek in the Cassiar mountain range and has no easily visible magenite spots. (black spots) This Jade is very fine grained and takes a very high gloss polish.
The Jade is Nephrite Jade from British Colombia and it has none of the usual black magnetite spots found in most Nephrite Jade. The Jade I used for this knife is flawless.
This knife is durable enough to be used as an Every Day Carry knife. The stone scales are actually really durable and won't be harmed banging around with keys and change. Even if dropped the bolsters protect the stone well although I wouldn't recommend dropping it onto stone or concrete. It is stone and could chip or be cracked if it lands poorly.... The knife is a Buck 110 with a 420 HC stainless steel blade. The photo's really do show the knife well. It is Redrummd 966PCS. If you are interested in learning more about my artworks you can do a Google search for Redrummd and find a pretty good bit of information including even links to turtorials I have done describing in detail how I do all the work needed for these works. I have developed a grading series to assist collectors and buyers of my knives in determining
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