Custom Built Gulf Refining 30' Old Time Circa 1898 Tank Car - Nice job!

You are considering a custom built [by me] tank car detailed & lettered for the Gulf Refining Company. The car represents a circa 1898 wood framed truss rod car with a frame length of 30'.Look at the model photos closely for the details and quality of the work. This is a very impressive first class model.
I have to emphasize that this car is not a slightly modified MDC/Roundhouse old time plastic tank car model. It does use a MDC old time tank car plastic tank body that has been modified and mounted on a custom built wood truss rod frame. Take a good look at the brake detail which is very visible on this car. The overall construction follows the directions given in a 2001/2002 NMRA Bulletin article written by the late Cyril Durrenberger. The lettering is a decal from Austin Modeling [no longer available]. The trucks are genuine sprung 5' wheelbase arch bars by Central Valley. The couplers are Kadee compatible semi-scale. As I said above, please enlarge and take a long look at the photos. This is a nice model that runs true. The car is ready to go except for some weathering. And, after all, tank cars are probably the grungiest ones on a railroad. But weathering is very subjective and sometimes used to hide defects. No defects here - and the weathering is up to you. .
The starting price is $45.00 which likely will be a
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