This is a custom built Overwater 6 string Electric Guitar made by the specialist bass manufacturers who make a few of these specially to order. It has the best fretboard ever, stays perfectly in tune, has Seth Lover pickups so is a Strat or a Les Paul and has a Fishman Piezo tremelo bridge. Take two leads out one electric one acoustic and you have fantastic tone or use either. This is a great guitar for anyone wanting to cover a range of tones in one beautiful top quality build guitar. It is in good condition and very desirable for anyone who wants to get hold of something of high quality that is a little bit different. I have a White Falcon and a Tele and am just not playing this so it is a great shame and needs to be played. When it is not a standard production model it is hard to get across what a great instrument this is and the photos don't do it justice either but anyone who knows the quality these people make may be interested. The valuation on this guitar is £1200.00 to £1500.00 but I will let it go for less to see it played and loved. I omitted to say Gibson Deluxe tuners and Hiscox hard case. It is not a bass by the way!