Custom Forged Hammer Pole Tomahawk

The half is 18.5" The blade is 3.5" this heavy beast is something to wield. Very grabby the colors in the burn turned out perfect. This thing is tough. The acid etching I did came out really sharp.

And 33.1oz this is a very cool hammer pole Tomahawk. A lot of extra work went in to the detail and texturing of this Tomahawk It's serious business.

I modify the axes and hammers. From head to toe. They are 1055 drop forged carbon steel.

A cold steel axe or CRKT axes are my base for some of my axes. I take it apart strip the head take out the hardening and temper. Then to most axes I do C&C to put the pattern into the cheek of the blade. And or do file work sanding, grinding and hammering along with other modifications that I like to the head of the axe.

I heat up the steal pound it and work it till it's what I am looking for then sand, grind, smooth and set whatever textures I want into the head. Then I harden the steel again. I tempering only 1 to 1.1/2 inches into the blade and spike or hammer pole. Then I blue the axe head. I take the handle and work it to the looks I like with stains, dyes, then tung oil it twice let dry then lightly sand.

I then mount the head to the handle. I use 8 to 10 oz. leather for the strike guard. I prep the leather and tool it, dye it set the dye and sew it on the handle.
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