custom Helle Utvaer Norway Fixed Blade Knife black micarta custom dangler sheath

while i LOVE most Helle knives in my mind they usually lack in two areas , the sheath and the handle so this is my answer to the AWESOME Utvaer. I started with a brand new blank from Helle and out fit it with black canvas micarta with orange G10 liners, I then ground the handle profile at the front and rear to open up the grip area by aprox 1/8" then gave it a little thicker palm swell and extended the scales all the way to the end to make the grip feel even bigger. the blank came VERY sharp but do i leave well enough alone? NO! i polished the scandi grind blade with my power stop and the finest compound i have so this 4" Sandvik blade is "SCARY" sharp. the custom whet formed sheath is made of 6 oz leather and 5 brass saddle rivets hold it together so it will last a lifetime or more with no stitches for the blade to cut through, it carries the knife as snugly as any kydex sheath. As any good dangler sheath should it has a lanyard hoop at the bottom so you can secure it to your leg if you wish . the overall length of this knife is 8 1/2" it weighs 6.4 oz and is 10 oz total carry weight with the sheath. like all of our items we offer a no questions return policy , if this knife doesnt impress you when you get it just return it unused and ill give you a prompt refund including the shipping cost both ways. thanks for looking Steve