Custom Kingdom Heart Roxas Cosplay costume



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You will get 100% real as in the picture.

This is a complete set of Roxas's costume. This set is awesome and real like in the anime!

This complete set included

Jacket X 1, Blouse X 1, Pants X 1

{ You can also add only $ 25 to have the cosplay wig, please click me for the listing )

Custom made , other than adult, we can also make kid size.

we need your following measurements in "cm".

a. chest b. waist c. hip d. height e. weight f. waist to feet length

g. waist to shoulder f. shoulder to shoulder length g. shoes size

( waist over 77cm should add $10 USD for the shipping )

Jacket X 1, Blouse X 1, Pants X 1

This costume need 1 - 2 weeks to make!

Please do not purchase this if you cannot accpet!

As photo ( we mainly use velvet, cotton , mixed cotton or PVC)

(due to seasonal reason, some cloth may not be available, we will

use other that is really like the original one to replace.)