Custom LED Lightsaber, Star Wars, blue blade, Jedi Sith

Made from carbon steel, stainless steel and other high-quality materials, this work of art is equally at home on the display shelf or in the midst of a heated duel!

Hand crafted by Advanced Light Weaponry, this saber is no mere show piece. The blade is detachable to allow the hilt to be worn from your belt when not in use. When installed, the polycarbonate blade reaches a full 6 inches into the hilt for strength and security and will stand up to the rigors of stage combat and contact sparring alike. Nicely balanced, the weight of this saber makes it feel like a weapon, not a toy.

The sleek design is complimented by the asymmetry of the blue access plates, giving the saber a unique look. The LEDs used in Advanced Light Weaponry sabers are extremely bright compared to other commercially available sabers and show up well on film by comparison.

If you're looking for a "top shelf" prop that is both unique in appearance, and that can stand up to the demands of live performances, don't settle for the "wall hanger" quality of many commercially available, mass produced counterparts.

***As with many Corellian Imports products, this Advanced Light Weaponry saber stands apart from the rest in both quality and uniqueness. You won't find several other warriors sporting the exact same saber.


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