Custom LEGO Star Wars KOTOR I - Darth Revan

[Custom LEGO] Star Wars KOTOR I Darth Revan

This item is to sell one custom LEGO minifig I made, based on video game Star Wars KOTOR I: Darth Revan. The picture is shown above.

The next image displays the major characters in KOTORI: Bastila, Carth, Revan and Malak. All of them are available in my store. More figures from the game will be built. Please continue to check my website. For any special requests, please contact me.

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All customized figures have customized decals front and back and legs. The decals are printed by high quality printer. The effect is much better than a hand painted one since the resolution is higher. For the same reason, it looks better than the original LEGO figures. The decal has an additional sheet protector on top it and it can be used for heavy play. The decal is attached seamlessly on the figure, and its surface shines.
I'm adding adding new figures to my store continuously. Now the major topic I'm developing include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, superheroes, Disney figures and Star Trek. If you want to add your favorite figure to my to-do list, please contact me.

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