Custom made action figure head or doll head from photo

Custom made Action Figure head or Doll head base on any photo!

The head can fit any body you need. eg. Dragon, Hot Toys, Barbie

Have you ever wished to have a sculpture of your own head, those of your family, loved ones or your friends made into a realistic 3D replica head at a very affordable attainable price?

Or, do you wish to have your favorite celebrity, rock stock or politician or indeed anyone, made into a realistic mini bust?

The sculptures I hand make are very realistic and anatomically correct and I have had many commissions from Ebay customers who have been very delighted at my work. My feedback listings will demonstrate this. Many people have requested me to sculpt themselves or celebrities. The decision as to whom is up to you. I can replicate anyone.

For a very unique gift either for yourself, family, friends, for birthdays, anniversaries or parties, my sculptures are for you.

Many of my customers inform me how delighted they are but find it an amazing sensation of seeing themselves in an exact miniature likeness. You no longer have to wait to be famous to made into a likeness – I can do it for you- right now!

The heads I sculpt can be made to put on action figures ,or, as busts standing alone to place on shelves or in cabinets. They will certainly be a
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