Custom made billiards pool cue by MasonH

I have decided to offer my MasonH to someone whowill be able to use it for what it’s worth here is the original info from MasonHHimself.....
"Brand new cue, test hit by me only. The forearm and butt is Cooktown Ironwood, which is a rare wood from Australia that is at 19% moisture in the ground. Search about the tree and it is very interesting. It is very hard, dense and heavy wood.
The handle is 4-5A Quilted Maple with very nice motion figure, can’t photograph it but it looks cool when the hits it at different angles, the figure moves around.
The cue weighs 19.1 and 19.2oz, both shafts have yellow micarta ferrules and are very nice, ring count high on 20rpi and 30+rpi, one has a Black Kamui soft and the other is a Milk Dud, both are 12.9mm."
This Cue is awesome in person! Jim made a matching set of JP's which MasonH sent him the ring work so it matched! I have tried to take many different pictures of the 3D looking Maple but never seem to catch the in person WOW effect I have hit a few racks with it maybe six ( I don't let a cue go un-hit! )
I would say it is on the stiffer side... I liked it, made me hit softer because I could feel everything!
Not really wanting to let this go sense he is no longer making them but I have my to help my family out since my Dad needs to have surgery on his hip. I am a Active


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