Custom Made Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

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Wow what a marvelous knife ! Awesome design, Rock solid construction, prestigious materials, fantastic forged damascus, massive elegance and superb fit & finish make this knife an amazing work of art. knife is not only stunning in appearance but it is also rock solid from tip to but cap, because of its special construction with an incredibly thick 5 mm blade going all the way inside the handle , making it rock solid. Blade of this knife is the result of hours and hours of hammer forging

About knife

Total length : .13.5”

blade : blade length is 8.5 ” , , raindrop pattren, 512 layers,temper55,

blades width 2.0"


Unique and elegant rock solid handle of this knife is made of wonderful buffalo horns camel bone and red Fiber, brass spacers. Handle is hand sanded and polished to an immaculate finish, with awesome shape feels great hand brass guard. Weight and balance of this unique hunting knife is excellent. Holding this stunning knife is a wondrous feeling and i am sure you would find yourself reaching for this prestigious knife again and again.

Leather Sheath

This knife is complete with a top quality thick and robust leather sheath made of high quality calf skin. The leather sheath is totally hand tooled and sewn. Extra
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