After long time ,I'm again with this beautiful unique hand forged Bowie made by me. This hidden tang knife is made out of 1095 high carbon steel, and has been clay tempered, and water quenched to obtain a beautiful ( Hamon) temper line.It has been hardened to 58-60 RC . The blade has been ground flat and has also been polished to a satin finish. It also has a custom tribal file work on the back,extended to the blade to make it more appealing. My initials "JM" has been stamped in to the blade. To make the stunning handle I used two kind of hard woods : "red cocobolo" and "chontaduro palm tree" also a beautiful piece of " Impala horn" with white and red fiber spacers.The ferrule is copper with some file work, it has been textured The butt is made out of copper with texture, and a brass rivet attached to the back. The guard is textured brass with some custom file work.and the Seppa (washer) is textured copper with file work.
The sheath is hand stitched cow belly, with some Native American custom design carving. T is also a deer antler piece for decoration,and secure the knife to the sheath.
The knife was just made and will be a excellent addition to your Fine knives collection, or for the next hunting season
I has been making Knives and Metal Sculpture for almost 6 years,and only for customers with special designs.
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