Custom Marvel Legends Thunderbolts GHOST Infinite action figure

*Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys Auctions!*

Welcome to another one of my customized action figure auctions! These are adult collectibles (ages 18+) and should not be given to a child. There are no reserves on my auctions and they start for one penny. Please take a moment to read the entire auction before placing a bid, for it describes the items, terms of the auction, and shipping information. I've also written up an Auction FAQ that answers the common questions I get. If you're looking for regular non-custom figures/statues/busts/collectibles please check out my alternate seller account Jins-Stuff for those.

*Auction Description*

This auction is for a 6" scale Ghost customized action figure made from parts of Marvel Legends action figures. This custom figure is hand painted, fully articulated, sealed against wear, with a wonderful range of motion allowing it to be put into all sorts of creative action poses.

He's creepy and ethereal, an enigma of physics, it's Marvel's Ghost! Today I bring the Thunderbolts Ghost to you in his corporal form. No longer see-through, this ghostly villain has been meticulously painted head to toe with detailed brushwork, airbrushed highlights/shadows/color gradients, and other effects. The entire figure has been sealed with a combination of matte, satin, and gloss varnish

As you can see this isn't the clear plastic Ghost from the boxed set, he has the new modern style limbs and joints. Tattered bits trail from his appendages and he's been given a head-to-toe paint job with all sorts of muted grey tones and grimy detail, just like he appears in the comics when he isn't floating through walls. Ghost comes with two heads and a flight stand so you can pose him lingering about in the background creeping out the rest of your Thunderbolts. Do you know a Marvel Legends collector who would like a unique figure or want to add to your collection? Don't pass this one of a kind custom figure auction up!

*Auction Rules, Terms, and Conditions*

#1. I can no longer accept bids by bidders with 0 feedback or with recent high negative feedback.
I'm sorry but I cannot make any exceptions. You must have current positive feedback to bid. This protects my bidders from having someone new sign up just to mess with the auction. I monitor all bids and will cancel bids by 0 feedback bidders. If it continues, they will be placed on the blocked bidder list. Please understand, I have nothing against new EBay members! This rule is here to help keep bidding honest.

#2. Payment must be made within 4 days.
All my auctions begin and end on either a Sunday or Monday so payment is required by the following Thursday. After that ebay's automatic unpaid item reminder kicks in. If no payment is made when that happens your bids will be canceled on any of my current auctions. I will be glad to hold figures from multiple weeks to ship them with combined shipping but you MUST pay for each figure when you win it.

#3. What you see is what you get.
There are no alterations, substitutions, or refunds on custom figures so please make sure you like the way the item appears in the pictures before you bid. Check my feedback if you have any doubts about my quality and you will find everyone has been quite pleased with my work so far. Feel free to message me with any questions, too! I'll answer every one in a timely fashion. I might even post them on the auction.

#4. Bid retractions are highly frowned upon.
Please double-check your numbers (and bank account) before you hit confirm bid. Also, double-check with your significant other to make sure they won't strangle you in your sleep for bidding on my auctions! Should I find bid retractions with no corrective bid placed, (I understand if you entered $5000 and not $50.00, place the correct bid) you will be blocked from bidding on my auctions and reported for inappropriate bid retraction. I wish I didn't have to go to this extreme, but I need to protect my cus...

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