custom mego soft material Phantasm

Hello all you Mego Maniacs. Once again I will list all my Mego customs beginning with an awesome sculpt of Angus from the movie Phantasm.

I will try something also new in the material that this head is cast in , it is a soft rubber feels like vinyl material that is slightly flesh colored, you can use water based acrylics and acrylic paints as well. it is cast in solid...not hollow.

A tip to attach to the body of your choice... one is to remove the lower step if it has one and simply push down into the neck hole. The other suggestion is to carefully drill the center of the neck plug enough to make the core collapsible, either use hot water or a hair dryer on low and then it should be squeezable to fit into the neck hole of the body. this is a one shot attempt....meaning once it goes on the body if you try to remove it, the neck plug could break off.... this is a warning I give to you.

I will also combine shipping if you win multiple heads.

Enough people have asked me to cast my heads in a softer material so I try to make my fellow customizers happy.

Many of you know I provide a quailty product, very fair prices and ship promptly when paid. I also would like to thank thise who support my little hobby and want to try and get customizers out there to try something new. :)

Later on
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