New Custom Painted Spro BBZ-1 Shad Swimbait Crankbait

6th Sense Lures welcomes BASS Elite Series Pro Jason Quinn to Pro-Staff for 2009!
Custompainted lures are the new generation of hard plastic baits. Fishbecome used to seeing the same color patterns and dull lifeless finishes on stock lures. Why do you think Pro's are using custom painted baits? This is w I come into play: My inspiration in custom painting is not only to create a paint scheme, but also to try and create life out of plastic. I concentrate on depicting natural forage onto a piece of plastic with the attempt to make your tackle box come alive. When I mean come alive, I want you to look at your custom baits and have the confidence to feel like you are throwing a living hard lure. My pictures do not do justice to these lures and will look 10 times better in your hand. I use the BEST pearlescent paints on this earth along with a very expensive SHINY GEL COAT that no one can match on its toughness and durability. I take pride in each every lure, so if you are not happy in any way, please let me know!!
I want to make everyone aware that many other ebay lure painters are copying other's work, including my own. They are taking similar pictures, have similar lay outs, similar text paragraphs such as above, and copying color schemes. I do not want to bash anyone but please be aware that these guys do not do this for
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