Up for auction is a Pipe Tomahawk by White Wolf.... .(Ebay Power Seller)..... blacksmith, knife maker, tomahawk maker and custom knife sheath maker.......... and creator of "museum quality" American Indian weapons since 1967.

This pipe tomahawk will be custom made for you with your choice of hearts, stars, diamonds or "man-in'the-moon" pictured. You will have your choice of inlay & top plate materials...brass, German silver, copper. You can specify light, medium or dark colored haft, and also the amount of "aging" on the head, from light to radical. You can also choose the length of the haft, measured under the head...19" is standard. Shipping date is usually 7 - 10 days from purchase.

This tomahawk is typical in styling to originals of the late 1700's and early 1800's on the American frontier. It is not a copy of an original tomahawk but has characteristics of the early Phase I and Phase II period tomahawks, according to John Baldwin, a collector and author of, "Tomahawks and Pipe Axes of the American Frontier".

The carbon steel head is by R. E. Davis but has been modified (blade shape)... and will have decorative filework on top of the blade. It will be hardened and tempered in the forge and can be used just like the originals. Of interest is that the head is the "facet head" or "gun barrel" style and
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