Make your play set look new again!!! New Outdoor Playset Replacement Canopy manufactured by Jungle Gymania, Inc.

~This Listing is for any Canopy up to 58" Wide x 185" Long (74.99)

~Any Canopy up to 58" Wide x 150" Long (64.99 see ad in our ebay store)

~Any Canopy up to 58" Wide x 115" Long (54.99 see ad in our ebay store)

(See instructions below if you need a canopy wider or longer than what is specified here)

Forest green or royal blue, 100% polyester fabric. It is beautiful, but yet still has the strength, durability, and tear resistance needed for outdoor applications. This fabric has been developed for the use in marine products, awnings, and other products that might be exposed to the rigors of weathering. This is not at all like the flimsy tarps you get at home stores. Your canopy will have sewn edges and come complete with snaps and snap screw studs. The studs simply screw into the wooden play structure to securely mount the canopy. (Grommets instead of snaps can be provided upon request)

When making your purchase, we will need the following information.

~Size of your Canopy. Width x length (inches)

~Color Selection ( Forest Green or Royal Blue )

~Snap or Grommet Option (we will send snaps if no specifications are received)

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