Custom Shop Custom 69 Strat Pickups

The Fender Custom Shop is where things still get done the old way: where attention to detail reigns supreme. That's where these fantastic Custom '69 Strat pickups come from, which makes them a fantastic upgrade to any Fender Stratocaster.
Custom Shop Pickups:'Designed and prodcued with the same unsurpassed attention to detail and quality components as its world-renowned instruments, Custom Shop pickups are uniquely Fender.'All Custom Shop pickups are constructed with cloth lead wires, fiber bobbins, and are wax potted in their special potting machine to ensure that the pickups will be free of microphonics.'No matter what tone you are looking for, the Fender Custom Shop will deliver.
Each pickup is initialled by the renowned Abigail Ybarra at the Fender Custom Shop.
UK bidders only