Custom Star Wars LEGO Set Tie Defender UCS Version

Fully Customized Star Wars Lego Set


Up for your consideration, a fully customized LEGO set from the Star Wars Expanded Universe line. Using The TIE Interceptor as a starting point, and using the new LEGO Set I build this CUSTOMIZED set. Already the TIE Interceptor is a Hard to find set, this is going to be hard to beat: A Fully Customized Tie DEFENDER, Ultimate Collector Series. This set was completed based on the specs of UCS LEGO 7181, using the wing designs as reference, adding and changing elements as needed. Building a solid back brace for the Tri-wing array, Using a tr-lite green canopy, so I had a true customized model. The end results is a magnificent version of this wonderfull ship. The contents of this sets are as follow:

The TIE DEFENDER is 100% completly customized. All elements are LEGO brand. Display base will be included. NO BOX OR INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED, Due to the fact that it is customized.

Read the description to see the level of completeness and level of originality. LOOK at the pictures to see how cool this set is.

NOTE: THIS AUCTION IS FOR THE BIG SIZE UCS TIE DEFENDER. The regular size TIE Defender on the first and last pictures is t just to compare the UCS scale to that of the regular one. The regular TIE Defender is not part of this listing.
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