Custom Tanto Blade with Two Sheaths! "Wakizashi

Up for auction is a Defibaugh Custom tanto-style fixed blade Wakizashi with Custom-fitted Kydex Sheath and Handmade Custom-fitted High quality leather Sheath as well. Let's start with the blade itself...A tanto-styled stainless steel blade, partially serrated, with a very sharp edge on it. It's important to note that even though Defibaugh Custom now forges their own blades, this is an early model and is a commercial blade. This knife will hold an edge as well, I have often cut through pine or maple boughs and then afterwards shaved hair off of my arm with it. The knife is known as a Wakizashi, as the Samurai of Japan would traditionally carry not only a Katana, but a shorter sword as well, known as a Wakizashi. The length of this knife made it only fitting to be known as a short sword, as the knife is 13" tip to tail, with a 6 3/4" blade. "Wakizashi" is engraved into one side of the blade, with Japanese characters known as "kanji" engraved into the other. Defibaugh also engraved the traditional "D" near the hilt, I tried to show it in the pictures. The handle itself is a bough cut from a private stand of Pennsylvania Maple, and features a hand-carved herringbone grip pattern, with three slight finger grooves in the underside of the handle.

The custom-fitted Kydex sheath is also made by Defibaugh Custom, and perfectly fitted
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