Custom transformers Fall of Cybertron Bruticus by XavierCal NO RESERVE!

No interest! Oh well I am letting this go for no reserve no BIN. highest bidder will take him home. 5 day auction sooo bid and display him proudly in your home!!

Well folks time to clear out a custom I will regret selling. Here I have is a custom built fall of cybertron Bruticus by Xaviercal. He is nontransforming but built/painted to look exactly like himself in the latest game. Comes with a blaster as you can see. He is in good condition, paint apps are superb. My collection is getting quite big. And I can use the money for the holidays. He's got a bit of a damage above his chest shield under his head when I recieved him his head got pushed in and damaged. I've contacted Xaviercal said he can fix it but i thought it doesnt look that bad. And just ignored it. Contact xaviercal and see if he is willing to fix it if it bothers you. But it still looks great. He stands about 12 inches tall! Bruticus has Red LED's in his eyes. Battery pack is located lower back. His colors are very vibrant. Some of the colors as you can see really pops out.
Anyways a lot of people where a bit dissapointed because the original figure didnt look anything like the game. So Xavier took the courage and time to build and paint to look like the game. And to be honest it is on point. Will not come with its box because its quite huge. So no box. But
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