Custom Transformers Masterpiece G1 Style Optimus Prime MP-10 Convoy

You are bidding on a one of a kind Custom Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime painted as Homage to his original Cartoon G1 Persona using the Newly Yoth MP-10 Optimus Prime figure as a base.
Without a doubt, the most iconic character in the history of Transformers, the legendary Autobot Leader Optimus Prime was, is, and always will be my greatest hero, not only for paying the Ultimate price in the infamous 1986 movie scene pitting him on a truly decisive battle against Megatron, but for his selfless and heroic disposition against whatever threat would rise against the freedom of all sentient beings, so keeping this in mind and Using the superb Masterpiece Yoth Optimus Prime figure, I wanted to bring back the glory days of generation 1 by recreating this masterpiece with his original cartoon colors, Optimus Prime was carefully sanded and cleaned prior to painting, after which he was airbrushed with super high quality automotive grade Metallic application lacquers as well as white pearl to complete the G1 aesthetic, he was also slightly detailed with high quality acrylics, and sealed with UV resistant finish to preserve his colors for years to come! the result being a truly one of a kind Masterpiece that blends the golden era of Generation 1 with modern metallic paint applications(more Pictures Below) I must disclose that while
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