Customized Ultrasabers Dominix V2 Lightsaber Fire Orange NO BLADE

Auction is for one Ultrasabers Dominix hilt in Fire Orange, blade plug, and retention screw tool (not pictured.) NO BLADE IS INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION.
I bought a plain black Dominix and decided to flare it up a bit. I am (obviously! :D ) not a professional at this. The entire hilt has been scuffed up, beat up, and stained with black paint in certain areas. A brass ring has been glued in over the switch (the switch still functions!) Rubber rings have been fitted over the forward part of the hilt. Some leather cord has been tied (merely tied) around the bottom end of the hilt. You'll get a good idea of all of this from the pictures.
One last thing to note, I will be removing the batteries prior to mailing the hilt.
US bidders only, please.
Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions, and thanks for looking! :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, there is no sound, no flash-on-clash, nothing fancy about the saber. The insides are an led hooked up to a switch hooked up to a battery pack. Thank you.