This is a great cut glass tumbler cut by T.G. Hawkes in the Jubilee pattern. It is heavily and deeply cut and a very pleasing pattern. The tumbler is signed with the Hawke trefoil acid mark. The tumbler is shown in the first hawkes catalog reprint on page 209.

Hawkes was one of the premier cutting houses of the Brilliant Period. Hawkes began at J. Hoare and then went on to build his own company which created some of the most desirable designs. Hawkes was based in Corning , NY which was the epicenter of cut glass. Hawkes won the grand prize at the 1889 Paris Exposition for cut glass.

The blank is blown and excellent quality. It is especially clear and brilliant. This is a great example and the winning bidder will be thrilled to have this in person.

The tumbler measures 3 5/8 inches tall and 2 7/8 inches diameter. Original rim.

It is in excellent condition with no damage. It does flouresce under the blacklight to indicate American Brilliant (1876-1916).

Each winning item will be carefully packaged for safe delivery. Particularly fragile items are generally double boxed with packing between the boxes. This is the only safe delivery method for antique cut glass. Winners of multiple auctions will receive a shipping discount if not free shipping on the additional items as long as they can be safely
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