Cute Original Fisk Tire Pam Clock "Time to Re-Tire

This is an original Pam clock probably 1950's

Advertising Fisk Tires and showing their cute yawning boy in his nightgown with the famous "Time to Re-Tire" slogan

The clock is running and keeps perfect time. It does have a couple small flakes and it has a couple small areas w it looks like tiny pinholes w light shows you might call it crazing ?? The paint is still in solid condition. Im guessing these imperfections were caused by many years of the heat of the lightbulbs....I always use 7 1/2 watt bulbs in my clocks to keep from damaging them. This clock still displays really well as you can see....and is beautiful when have to get close to the clock to see the imperfections...but it is one of those clocks thats really hard to find an original....They are making a reproduction of this clock ....but as with everything I sell i GUARANTEE my stuff to be original or your money back ..... Would look great in any Gasoline or automobilia collection !