2 I-CYBIE Robotic Dogs With Walk UP Chargers Blue Gold

2 I-CYBIE Robotic Dogs With Walk UP Chargers Blue + Gold
Ok..'s a sad story...I bought these from a great lady at a yard sale..the sale was a little unorganized to put it mildly. I had found the brand new remote and cartridges for one of the dogs and asked if she possibly had the dog..she came out of the house with the gold one and then told me she had another blue one that was never taken out of the box. I was pretty thrilled and looked to make sure I had the remotes and all the parts needed..well so I thought...no chargers! Yup..I have no chargers for these guys..I have no clue why the blue didn't have one since he was still fastened to the box until I took him out to see if t was a charger hiding..nope..nothing.
So you might ask...why don't you just go back and ask her for them? Well the reason is because I was out of my local area at the time and this was an unadvertised sale that I just came across..AND I HAVE NO CLUE W..it drove me nuts..I thought and thought..I will never find it. Such a bummer!
So we have to very very clean and new looking I Cybie dogs with no chargers. They have everything else..the blue one was never even out of the box until I took him out. Both batteries are present. I see no reason why they wouldn't work...but since I cannot test them they will be sold AS IS. I was really bummed
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