Cyrano de Bergerac First Edition 1898 Gorgeous and Rare

Cyrano de Bergerac by E. Rostand

1898 Paris Original First Edition (Very Rare / Mint Condition)

A Lovely Gift or Heirloom

Provenance: From the Library of Henry Clay Frick


Rostand's famous and most known romantic comedy has some of the best lines in all of theatre. The movie remakes continue to tell the story and it will forever stand the test of time. A literary classic that is extremely difficult to obtain!

This is a very rare and difficult to find first edition in the original French language. While American and London copies can fetch a fair amount of money, the original French first editions are very difficult to find and far more valuable.

It was published in Paris by Librairie Charpentier et Fasquelle in 1898. The play itself began in December of 1897. The binding is gorgeous and of the highest quality. It is bound in half crushed brown morocco; it has a gold gilt top to the pages. The spine shows five raised bands with the author, title and year (1898) still bright in their gold gilt. It looks lovely on a bookshelf. It is quite heavy because of the quality of the binding. It has been very well preserved, and with the high quality binding, it is in near mint condition.

Amazing Provenance
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