Cyrus Noble "Gold Miner" Series Collectors' Bottle NIB

In this auction, I have a "Gold Miner" in the Gold Mine Series of Cyrus Noble.

This is such a great item to get your hands on! This is a collectors' bottle. This is Cyrus Noble Mine, it states on his platform "Bought for a bo ttle of Whiskey 1901". This is NIB. He is the spitting sculpture of a elder gold miner. He measure 14" tall. He has a gold label on his right side: Cyrus Noble famous since 1871 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 86 Proof Six year Old Distilled in Kentucky Bottled by the Cyrus Noble Company Bardstown, Kentucky and San Francisco, Calif. 4/5 Quart. On back states: "Produced Over $250,000,000". Bottom states: G01 1970.

His cap is still on which is a cowboy hat, he still has the original bottle stamp, He is New in Box and Bottle. You are bidding on the bottle not the contents in the bottle. Please bid only if 21 & Over. He is Excellent Condition!!

On the back of the Box states: "He traded a gold mine for a bottle of CYRUS! It happend in boomtown Searchlight, Nevada, back in 1901. A prospector ambled into the town's leading saloon and put his mining claim up for sale- to the highest bidder. The bartender took the claim- for a bottle of the best whiskey in the house- Cyrus Noble. Before the vein petered out, the Cyrus Noble Mine paid off- to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars
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