Czech handmade Heart rhinestones glass perfume bottle

These miniature glass perfume bottles are being manufactured since second half of the nineteenth century in the Austrian-Hungary Empire in the territory of former Czechoslovakia ( Czech Republic in present time). It had been intricate by metal filigree wraps and decorated by quality glass rhinestones, which had imitate real gems.
This processing got a chance to have the biggest flourishing in the 20-30’s of 20th century. Most of antique perfume bottles, which were imported to USA as well, were originated at the same period. Production of these perfume bottles has been kept continuous in very limited rate up to present day and became to be favorite collector’s items, as well as wonderful and unique gifts.

These gorgeous jeweled filigree perfume bottles are produced handmade in small glass works by traditional methods from soda crystals potash glass, which is frilled handmade. For their decoration are used metal pressing from tombac made by implement which is originated approximately in the 20-30’s of 20th century and before. They are cultivated by handmade technique and later galvanized by silver and gold painted afterwards lacquered with protective coat. Imitations of gems which are cut from especially high quality colored glass are stepped to these metal filigrees.

Nowadays, skilled Czech artisans make every
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