Czech M95 Steyr bayonet with scabbard unit marked

Czech M95 bayonet in good to very good condition with unit marking. These are all reworked Austrian M95's, and ahve the Steyr OEWG hallmark, and Hapsburg eagle on the ricasso. Blades are in the bright, one bayonet has some dings on cutting edge. Two are marked on pommel with S Czeck lion 7 for the 7th Division in Olomouc, but are also marked with a 18, which for a wild ass guess might be for year of acceptance, which would mean they were some of the first used by the Czech army, but I'm not certain if the country was even formed yet, WWI only ending in November of 1918. The other has the same marings on the ricasso. Grips are good with some dings or dents, release catchs work, Scabbads are good or better, some small dings or dents, finish about 80%, and two have Czech markings over the original Austrian on frog stud, one has Czech marings only. Buyer pays by money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express thru . Buyer pays shipping in US via Priroity Mail, parcel post or UPS Ground, and t are two options for International shipment. Cannot sell or ship to any country w importation of these items is forbidden, and no sales to minors. Items rejected by customs dept will receive refund for item cost only. Thanks!