3-D Fink Nude Girls & Cars Photo Book 3D Rat Rod Roth

3-D Photographer Johnny Depth has turned his attention to fast wheels and high heels in this unique, poster-book featuring 3-D photos of some very rare vehicles and even harder to find nude girls! From cover to cover, each page is stuffed full of new, full color-3-D photos of classic hot rods and vintage cruisers, along with fast girls and naughty nudes that pose with them, wearing little more than a smile! Also, vintage cars and racing rat rods from years gone by are featured, along with hot rod comics and car-toons from today's car culture creators. This pedal-heavy portfolio highlights the pin-striping artwork of Voo-Doo Larry, and the nude pin-up photos of Sarah Heartbraker and her gal pal Trixie. Then unfold the portfolio to reveal the huge 22 inch by 28 inch 3-D poster just the right size to hang in your garage or den. If you've ever wanted to have one of these hot rods or hot bods, the amazing 3-D photos will make you feel like you do! FREE 3-D glasses are included with every issue. Only 1,000 of these portfolios have been made, and this is your chance to grab one before they're gone!

This portfolio comes sealed in plastic with a pair of 3-D glasses. The poster-book is new and mint, with no fading. All the photos were taken using modern stereo-photography equipment, and converted to anaglyph (red/blue) for easy viewing
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