D&D Wizard Minis Lot #212 3Pcs

I am not an expert on these items but to me they all appear tobe in good to great condition. (1% may be slightly bent or have stickers on them. 99% are Great) The minis you receive may be a little dusty and need a quick rinse. We have over 1,000 of these minis in stock. They range in size from 5”, 3”, 1” and ½” tall. As you could imagine listing all these items individually would take many many hours. We have decided to bring them to market in lots from 1pcs all the way to 40pcs. Some of these Minis retail for over $50, for one single piece. We hope to liquidate these items quickly which means you will be getting them at huge discounts!!! If you are in the world of D&D or Wizards this lot is for you. If you are thinking about exploring this world this lot is for you.


Finally The Pieces You've Been Looking For!!!

THIS LISTING IS FOR A _3_PC Lot of Wizard Minis Everything Included in this purchase is shown in the item image.

You see the shipping charges and rules. Please do not buy if you plan on leaving low ratings for shipping charges or time. You will have the items in your hands within 7 days of paying for them. Our shipping prices and rules are in place to ensure we can offer the best service to our customers. Thanks

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