D999: REAL old Japanese lacquer ware ladle for SAMURAI horse BASHAKU with MAKIE


CONDITION : Not so good. ( There are some damages . )
SIZE : Width 4.7 in : Length 23.6 in : Height 5.9 in : Weight 220 g
This is a BASHAKU of Japanese lacquer ware.
BASHAKU is a ladle for giving water to a horse in old time .
This was made about 180 years ago.
It is Japanese Edo period. This is old original. It is never imitation.
This is lacquered at wood. It is never a plastic etc. And real Japanese lacquer is used.
And this has a lacquer work of a family crest.
MAKIE is made carefully, applying very long days and months.
The old-time craftsman had required several years.
Since high technique and high emotional strength are needed, it is very expensive.
This is the very good old lacquer ware seriously made by the specialist.
Although there are some damages, since this is very old, it is unavoidable.
And since this is really old lacquer ware of SAMURAI goods, it has reference-product value.
Please purchase at this opportunity, and add to your Japanese collection.
In order to avoid a trouble, please be sure to read the following "ABOUT SHIPMENT" etc.

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