Daaaaazzzzz-liiinnng TUBE AMP/ELECTRONICS Book! 806 pgs

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A previous buyer of this title said "it was exactly what I was looking for..thank you!"

Another said the book was "great!"

A third buyer rated it "A+"!

One more? A fourth person said "Great book!"

I am rarely speechless, but when I first laid eyes on this book, I marveled at it's great coolness...

I've seen very few of these 1948 hardback radio/tube electronics books over the years, but they are certainly.....dazzling!

Furthermore, this book is in nice, very solid condition, especially for the age.

If you need ONE BOOK to teach you much, much, much about vacuum tubes, how they work, tube amps, tube electronics, tube amplification, Class A amps and more, this is the one!

This was written in 1948 (hardback) to help guys out who were studying tube electronics for radio, but the material is perfect for any musician who wants to learn about tube amps and electronics from the ground up. You will learn, among other things, about:

1. Transformers...how they work, why needed, classes, etc.

2. Capacitors...all about them

3. Vacuum Tubes...from A to zed you get it all!

4. Tube Amplifiers....man, so much , all of the types, the circuits,
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