Daddy's Long Legs 25" Fabulous Miss Lilly Doll 1990 Retired Signed by K Germany!

This listing is for the long retired Miss Lilly doll from Daddy's Long Legs. Daddy's brought to life some of the most enchanting characters of years past and Miss Lilly is no exception, she indeed is one of the most exceptional of Karen Germany's creations. She is indeed ready for an evening of dance as she wears a feathered black hairnet, white bustier, lace-trimmed pantaloons, molded high button boots; all pulled together and complimented by a eye-catching paisley shawl. Makes you want to join her for a slow dance to a long song. The fabulous Miss Lilly is retired and in very good used condition. She is signed by her designer/artist k.Germany. Please see photos for more details.