Daguerreotype Case-Littlefield, Parsons, & Co

A beautiful mid-19th century daguerreotype case made of highly detailed gutta percha. This one has more of a patriotic theme in its decor. On the front center is the American Eagle, shield, large unfurling flag, and a Civil War Cannon. To the right is a war ship, to the left a fort (maybe Sumpter) with waving flag, and below a book with the word "LAW". There is a small crack on the front of the case-not unusual for one of this age. Inside on the left is velvet material with a gorgeous embossed design. Inside on the right the square frame is covered with an ornate, hand-sculpted brass insert to change the shape to oval. There is a paper insert that reads "Littlefield, Parsons, & Co., Manufacturers of Daguerreotype Cases.--L., P. & Co., are the sole Proprietors and only legal Manufacturers of UNION CASES with the Embracing Riveted Hinge. Patented October 14, 1856, and April 21, 1857". This is covered by a thick, heavy piece of glass. The case is approx. 3 3/4" high, 3 1/4" wide, approx. 5/8" thick, and weighs approx. 5.1 oz. Aside from the small crack on the front, the case is in great shape!!!