3 Daguerreotype Images of Jacoby Family Children 1800s

The auction you are currently viewing is for a set of 3 Daguerreotypes. They are portraits of various children of the Jacoby Family of Sumneytown, PA. Each measures 3 3/4" including the frame. The image shown on the left contains a smaller girl (probably toddler) in a plaid dress stainding beside a chair. The image on the right has a cover with hinges, although the binding has been detached. It shows a small child seated on a bench with a tasseled cushion, beside what appears to be a baptismal font. This image is unique in the the frame is stamped by the artist "W.M.Stroud - Norristown". The third picture (in front, and the second photograph above) shows a small boy seated in a chair. The glass has been cracked, and the silver/mercury has added some coloration to the edges of the image. Due to the difficulty in photographing the images without catching a reflection, I realize that the provided photo cannot due true justice to the intricacy of the images. We also would like to invite you to view our other Daguerreotypes up for auction, as well as some authentic Stanley Dry Plate Glass Slides. If t are any additional questions about these items, feel free to contact us. Best Wishes Bidding!