Daiichi Seimitsu Kogyo Riso-1 7x40 3D Binoculars.

Daiichi Seimitsu Kogyo Riso-1 7x40 3D Binoculars. A unique design aimed at enhancing the stereoscopic effect of binoculars by widely spacing the objectives which, in this case in normal use, are almost 30cms/12" apart. This certainly does create a increased stereoscopic effect, seeing objects, especially those in the middle distance, in a beautiful "3D" perspective. And they probably also make it easier to judge distance. Focussing is as per normal with binoculars, a combination of central thumb wheel and right-eyepiece "diopter" fine tuning, both of which work smoothly on this example. And there is a central bridge to adjust eye distance (which is pretty critical on this binocular) and which also allows the binoculars to be folded for convenient transport and storage (see photos). Optics on this example are very clear indeed with just a tiny amount of dust, not visible in normal use and not effecting performance and there is no damage to any lenses or prisms. Collimation is also good i.e. no double image. When I bought them about ten years ago, I was impressed by the very smart cosmetic condition but have since discovered that they may have been repainted at some stage (if so, to a good standard using the original colour ) and in the process lost some leather panels which aided grip. And apparently they should also have an IPD scale ... read more