Daiki Sadakage Illustration Muma Astacia 1/5.5 Scale PVC Figure New Without Box

Attention please read description, and look at all pictures before purchase.
This is the Chinese version not a authentic. There are some minor black smudges where the black paint rubbed off on the body. Item is listed as new but it did not come with a marketing box, and I did have to remove it for inspection, and photos.
Item is sold as seen in picture, and because it is top heavy is glued to the base. When removing the item after purchase,and delivery DO NOT HANDLE ITEM BY THE FIGURE BUT ONLY BY THE BASE. IF I SUSPECT THAT THE STATUE WAS DAMAGED BY CARELESSNESS OF THE OWNER I WILL NOT ISSUE ANY REFUND. HAD A INCIDENT LAST WEEK ON A ITEM THAT WAS DAMAGED THAT WAY.