Dallas Cowboys 2008 Donruss Classics Quad Jersey #d/100

This is an "absolutely" beautiful (extremely tough to pull) "Classic Quads" (Short Print) Quad Jersey card!!! It's out of the: 2008 Donruss Classics Football!!! It's an: Dallas Cowboys (Short Print) "Classic Quads" (2 Color) Jersey card #CQ-1 and #'d 006/100.............that's right, only 100 of these Triple Jersey cards exist!!! This card is in "absolute" MINT condition (perfect for grading)!!! And, this card has "4" "awesome" cuts of: (Blue) for Troy Ailman, (White) for Emmitt Smith, (White) for Michael Irvin, and (Blue) for Jay Novacek Jersey cuts on it!!! Bidding for this "awesome" (extremely tough to pull) "Classic Quads" Quadruple Jersey (Short Print) gem starts at an extremely low: $1.95!!! S/H: $3.25!!!