Dallas Cowboys 3xSB Official Wilson F1000 NFL Football

Click an Image to Enlarge Dallas Cowboys 3xSB Official Wilson F1000 NFL Football
Wowzzer!! We are Proud to offer this VERY SPECIAL EDITION OFFICIAL Wilson NFL Game Football Model #F1000 BRAND NEW!! This is a SPECIAL EDITION Dallas Cowboys 3x Super Bowl Champion Official Wilson NFL FOOTBALL F1000 – the SAME MODEL the NFL Pro’s Use!! A regular edition F1000 Official Wilson NFL Football Cost around $60 Direct from Wilson and retails around $120! But this is NO REGULAR Edition- this is a VERY SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE Edition that Was Made By Wilson to Celebrate the Dallas Cowboys THREE (3X) Super Bowl Champions!! This Special EXCLUSIVE Edition features a Dallas Cowboys Star Logo on the Left and Says” 3X Super Bowl Champion “across the Top and underneath says XCVII, XXVIII, XXX –the three Super Bowl’s The Cowboys won in the 1990’s!! It also Says on the Left Side around the Cowboys Star logo -” Star Quarterback 3x Super Bowl Champion “!! This is a Incredible Original NFL Football to have a Dallas Cowboy Star such as Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith to Sign!! ** This AUTHENTIC Official Wilson NFL Football is Model #F1000 with Paul Tagliabue Facsimile Signature. The EXACT SAME Game Model that was Used in NFL GAMES!!(But now they Use the one with the New commissioner on it, So this is the RETRO OLDER more Valuable Official NFL Football!!!)** Beware
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