Dallas CowboysVS LA/St.Louis Rams Pre Starting Lineup/McFarlane SUPER RARE!!!VTG

Here is a very unique item up for grabs.A Dallas Cowboys VS Los Angeles/St.Louis Rams pre Starting Lineup/McFarlane set.One of the best defenseve players for the Cowboys #24 CB All Pro Everson Walls is trying to hit L.A.Rams QB that took the Rams to the Super Bowl in 1980 Vince Ferragamo.Who wins this battle is up to the fan.These sets were made in the early 80's by All Pro Figurines in San Marcos California,that late San Diego Chargers head coach Don Coryell owned.Just like it says on the tag,these are hand crafted of the highest quality in workmanship,and they truely are.The paint on these guys are amazing and the pictures doesn't do them justice.I don't know why these sets are so rare,and if any one out there knows anything about them LET ME KNOW!!!! I bought these from an old man here in Alabama 2 years ago at a antique store,and I bought 12 different sets.The ones I have sold,the buyers absolutely love them.I only have a few left,then they are all gone.The oak wood base is 1in thick 6in long and 8in long.The players are 7in.tall.You know the guys who like the rarest baseball cards?Well these are the rarest football sets.I have had these and looked for these for 2 years on ebay and the web,and haven't seen any.One person in Boston said he had one that had 1 player on it,but not 2.I have a 3 that are just a single player like ... read more