Damascus 1024 Layers Japanese Samurai Katana Sword#233

Handmade Sword - It is razor sharp & battle ready! Furubushidoo 1024 Layers Damascus Katana with Katana Certificate, Katana Bag & Cylinder Katana Box


Edge Hardness: HRC 60
Back Hardness: HRC 40
Blade Length (with Habaki): 28.3"
Handle Length: 11.8"
Overall Length (with Saya): 42.5"
Blade Thickness: 0.3"
Weight (with Saya): 3 lb 3 oz
Weight (without Saya): 2 lb 8 oz

This Katana is fully hand forged. Damascus blade is folded for 10 times and it shows 1024 layers on the blade. Fully functional and also a great artwork for display!


Blade: fully hand forged; Damascus blade 10 times folded; heat tempered
Hamon (tempered line): distinct real Hamon created by fully hand polishing
Hi (blood groove): long Hi on each side
Kissaki (point of blade): Chu-Kissaki
Edge: razor sharp, hand sharpened by Japanese whetstone
Habaki (blade collar) & Seppa (Spacer) Material: brass
Tsuba (Guard): brass Tsuba
Fuchi (collar on hilt): brass
Tsuka (handle): Genuine Same (Rayskin) & Black Japanese Cotton Ito (Braid) with Menuki (Ornament)
Tang: full tang with 2 Mekugi (peg); engraved with black smith's signature & number (This number is the same as the number in its certificate. One Katana, one unique number. )
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