Danbury Mint 1932 CADILLAC V-16 ROADSTER LE (of 5000)- NMIB! UNDISPLAYED! RARE!!

This auction is for a Danbury Mint 1932 CADILLAC V-16 ROADSTER LIMITED EDITION (of 5000) in 1:24 scale. This model is EXTREMELY RARE, and this one is in immaculate condition! And it is UNDISPLAYED! It is virtually flawless, and in nearly pristine condition! It looks brand new, and even has many of the factory protections still in place, including the clear vinyl wraps on the hood and in the opening rumble seat (in and of itself, a very nice feature!), as well as the plastic bubble protecting the front end, and most especially, that delicate hood ornament! They don't appear to have been removed! The Orange and Brown two tone paint is very slick and glossy, and just gorgeous throughout! It really must be seen in person to be able to appreicate it fully! It is THAT GORGEOUS! Danbury Mint could not have picked a more perfect color cobination for this car! It looks outstanding! It is truly a classic and a beautiful car, and the pictures do not do this justice! The details on this car are just lovely. The chrome shines, and is in excellent condition! The interior is spotless, and looks brand new! The rest of the car looks spectacular as well. All of the emblems are in like new condition! The windows are clean and clear. The car is intact in every way, and all parts are present and functional. This comes with the option to display with

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