Danbury Mint Bicentennial Sterling Silver Plate Set

This lot of silver plates were released by Danbury Mint in the 1970s to celebrate Americas 200th birthday. They are made of sterling and all of the yellow etching is 24k gold. They depict historical moments within the country's early history. This set is nearly complete. You would need only one more to complete this collection (The Boston Tea Party 1773).


T is a little tarnish and t I would say the plates are in very good condition. I will not call them perfect but overall I could rate them about a 9 out of 10. The First Continental Congress 1774 one is missing its certificate and the cloth pouch (by the way that is just the lighting in the picture of the first plate not discoloration). The remanding 5 plates have all certificates and pouches. Also at one point one of the boxes seems to have gotten wet on the bottom back right hand corner. It has left with an indention but t were no adverse effects to the plate. This is a beautiful collection that will make one lucky bidder proud to own.

Included in this auction:

1774 First Continental Congress - with Box
1775 Paul Revere's Ride - with Box, Pouch and Certificate
1776 Declaration of Independence - with Box, Pouch and Certificate
1777 Washington at Valley Forge - with Box, Pouch and Certificate
1778 Molly Pitcher, Heroine
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