Danbury Mint New York City Desk Clock Sculpture

Today I have a beautiful detail clock from Danbury Mint. No longer carried by Danbury Mint.

The clock was on display for a short period of time then pack away and taken out to take the picture, I put a new battery in and the clock keeps good time.

The sculpture is 10 inches long and 6 inches tall.

The sculpture protrays NEW YORK CITY. The Big Apple the proud home of a myriad of instantly recognizable buildings and the world famous landmarks. From Art Deco masterpieces like the CHRYSLER BUILDING & THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING to exquisite architectural masterpieces like the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART & GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL. TO such world-renowed landmarks as the STATUE OF LIBERTY & THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE.

This beautiful time piece features a sweeping panoramic vista of NEW YORK'S most famous structures---more then 50 in all. From the point of view across the EAST RIVER looking west showcase ROCKEFELLER CENTER, THE UNITED NATIONS, THE BROOKLYN & WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGES,SOUTH STREET SEAPORT, THE GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM and many many more.

The sculpture is crafted of Cold-cast porcelain, an artist's blend of powdered porcelain and resin renowned for its ability to capture and hold the finest details, Which this desk clock has alot of. The individual buildings and landmarks,each with their
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