Professional Chrome Advanced Dancing Pole Exercise Pole

This is our top quality Professional, and portable exercise and dance pole and has been designed to be everything you could ever want in a dance pole.

Fully Removeable, height adjustable, spinning and stationary in one - YES it spins! Just lock and unlock the pole in seconds

Thinner than the older style 2" poles, but wider than the brass permanent poles you often see in clubs.

Full portable and you can adjust height to many different heights from 7' 4" to 9'

Extra wide ceiling dome ensures that even if you do have more flex in the pole owing to a higher ceiling it is difficult for the pole to fall!

This pole only takes minutes to put up and take down - (All explained on the included DVD)

Engineered to withstand the pressures of professional pole dancing. extra wide support dome, angular stability lock and the non-slip rubber lip and base are some of the many features used to secure your pole.

Made form high grade electroplated chrome, not stainless steel - not as slippery as stainless steel.

Extensions can be purchased seperately to accomodate ceilings up to 12'

DVD included showing installation instructions and hosted by Katie Coates

DVD teaches: warm up, shows student who
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